The San Bruno Professional Firefighter’s Association is dedicated to the safety of the citizens of San Bruno, and the safety of those that serve them.

We are the men and women that come to help when you call 911.

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  • Deborah

    The city wants to find solutions on saving money or looking for funds so they DONThave to cut fire dept or police then they NEED to Pass a parking law of 3 vehilces per home and make parking permits permanant solution to all homes in the city of SANBRUNO.That would generate alot of money that could be used for the fire department and police department so there wouldnt be any cuts there.And also they could work with DMV on making license plates for bicycles on public roads with insurance and make it mandatory if anyone wants to ride bikes on these streets in the City of San Bruno.There are ways and there are solutions that can be worked out so WE dont lose the fire department staff or the police staff.

    Comment | May 31, 2009
  • Terry

    How dare the city cut public safety,with our safety and crime on the rise the city should be increasing the number of fire fighters and police officers. The Mayor and city council need to stop following the league of citys play book and do what is right. Maybe it is time for some new faces in the council. Just imagine you need medical help and it take 10 minutes for medics/Fire to arrive……try it….. now close your eyes and count to 600…… TOO LONG……no cuts in Public safety.

    Comment | June 6, 2009
  • Lynne

    I can’t believe that the first place eveyone makes cuts is to the police and fire departments the most important departments any city could have. This is just the stupidest thing that could be done. There are so many other places where money could be cut.


    Comment | June 8, 2009

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